Monday, September 18, 2006

China's Growth: How It Affects You

“You have got to be kidding me!” “Damn, these prices are high!” For a while now, these have been some of the more common phrases that people think or say when driving into a gas station as their car is trying to utilize every last drop of gas in the tank. Gas prices are, and have been for a while, very high. I was curious as to why the prices would rise so dramatically compared to ten, or even five, years ago. To search for answers, I searched other blogs through Technorati to see what other academics might have to say about the issue. I found two blogs having to do with China and its economy that gave me some answers as to why gas prices were so high. Captain’s Quarters gave a very in depth analysis as to why China is exponentially increasing the demand for natural resources. While Green Car Congress discussed the heightened production of passenger automobiles in China, I analyzed how this growth affects the gas prices in the U.S. I have commented on both of these blogs, giving more insight into the issue.


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