Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reflection of Blog Experience

The blog that I have worked to create over the past few months has given me the opportunity to become more involved in the business world in more than one way. First, I did a lot of research when writing my articles, which kept me up to date with some major events, companies, and people that are influencing the corporate realm. This added knowledge is beneficial because it helps me to be more well-rounded and knowledgeable about the field that I wish to go into. I also got involved in the business world by contributing my thoughts on different topics. Even though I don’t have much real life experience, I was still able to put out my opinions and analysis of certain subjects, which makes me a part of what I was researching and writing about.

If I could go back and re-create my blog, there are definitely things that I would change and also things that I would keep the same. As far as the first three postings are concerned, I am very satisfied with the topics that I chose. The controversy between Wal-Mart and Apple was one of the most interesting topics I selected to write about during the semester. The success of Uganda and China’s affect on our gas prices were also very interesting as well. If I had to change something about those three posts it would be to make them all uniform. Because I was just getting used to Blogger at the time, the font and the spacing in between paragraphs is not consistent. The fourth posting was probably my least favorite out of the five. I did not find the topic as interesting as the rest of the topics, and I think that it showed in my writing. I was able to appreciate how well done Bank of America’s website was, but it was difficult having to analyze it in such depth. The fifth post was another one of my favorite posts. I enjoyed researching about Warren Buffet and found plenty of good sources to link readers to for further research. I felt that I had a very strong argument and was persuasive in my writing. If I were to change the post, I would probably go back and improve the grammar and word choice to make my argument even stronger.


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